"Breaking walls and misconceptions made me face
who I am and how I interact with others. Life changing?
No doubt. That's why BoldLeaders works."
— Nina Horton, Participant
Abdirahman Rashid Fara

Currently I have two projects that I am working on: empowering women’s voices and educating orphans. I am now planning to start a third one on a peace program, where I will use my voice and job at the Wajir Community Radio station to help unite people. I now study at St. Paul University. I am earning a Bachelor of Arts in Communication.

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Sabeehah Mohamed

From a very young age I was involved in over 20 community projects and organizations. In my final year of school I participated in the BoldLeaders’ program. This is NOT your usual youth empowerment program. It’s different—and it’s in this difference that makes it powerful.

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Amahle Jongile

I was introduced to the concept of social entrepreneurship at BoldLeaders and that helped create an interest in community development. Currently I am doing my second year of Medicine at the University of Cape Town (South Africa) and I’m also an active participant in a project that aims to improve the education and employment status in my community.

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Jack Bredar

BoldLeaders taught me to push past my questions, and start to empower people who are less fortunate than me.... BoldLeaders taught me to value myself and my potential. Today, I still think about the principles I learned during the program. Right now, I am especially focused on the notion of going one step beyond, and getting comfortable with being uncomfortable.

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Alex Wood

Three lessons ... impacted me the most: “perfectly imperfect,” “limiting beliefs,” and the “filled cup” model. The first forced me to recognize and accept my own imperfections; the second pushed me to realize that these imperfections would not hold me back from succes; and the third taught me to fill myself with energy from things I love in order to be able to give love and energy back to the world.

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Dana Mulligan

Going to Uganda was the craziest thing I had ever done.... But it showed me what I was capable of, and broke down so many barriers in my life. I’m not afraid to express my views anymore or to ask for help, and I have faith in who I am and what I stand for. I’m currently starting a BoldLeaders club at my school and initiating a sustainable agriculture project in my community.

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Headquartered in Denver, Colorado, BoldLeaders is a Social Profit 501(c)3 organization dedicated to providing leadership development and training services for young people and adults all over the world. Our highly experienced trainers and educators have served people, organizations and communities in Cambodia, Cyprus, the Czech Republic, Germany, Hungary, Kenya, Nigeria, Northern Ireland, Slovakia, South Africa, Tanzania, Turkey, Uganda, throughout the Caribbean, and the United States. We facilitate local youth groups for large international organizations, cities, towns, and local schools. We train mentors and teachers and design curriculum. We even train trainers to work with teens. We consult with numerous government, nonprofit, education and business organizations and provide an exciting place for interns to put their knowledge and skills to practice.

Our dynamic, individualized programs help develop BoldLeaders of substance and action. Whether we are working with 500 teenage girls from Kenya or a select group of urban teachers, we help participants replace fragmented thoughts and preconceived notions with integrated perspectives. This approach develops awareness and commitment to a larger world.

BoldLeaders’ trainings offer many opportunities to collaborate and practice what is discussed so new insights are continually being uncovered by the student, instead of being provided by the teacher.  Learn more »

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